Complete traceability: is a priority for Agri Business Company


Traceability is the ability to trace the history, use or location of an item or activity, or of similar items or activities, by means of a recorded identification.

Starting from 2002, Sidi Daoud products are identified by a code that allows to trace their origin. This is a measure that will also bring together the consumers and ABCO.

The code, which has been announced by the Ministry of Agriculture (Veterinary Directorate) traces not only the fishing port from which the fish originates, but also the place where they were captured, processed, selected and packed. This first comprehensive traceability system in the field of fishery products will also indicate the local origin of the product since each tin will have, in addition to the code, a reference to the province of origin (Tunisia).

Each manufactured product carries a batch number that refers to a single batch. This number can be traced back to the fishing port and therefore allow access to all the information about this batch.

Our computer system, which is both simple and extremely reliable, can instantly find :

  • All the manufactured products from a batch number.
  • The quantity of manufactured products from that batch number.
  • To which clients these products were sold.
  • The weight of products sold to each customer.
  • The shelf life printed on the packaging.


At ABCO - SIDI Daoud we take great care to verify the origin and quality of our products. We know each of the suppliers with whom we have worked for many years and which we trust.

That is why we are able today to offer you a wide selection of products that will satisfy your simplest and most original needs and desires.

Sidi Daoud : Products security guaranteed from the factory to the consumer's plate 

* NF EN ISO 8402 standard.